School Nurse

Taita Taveta USD 145000 / per year Permanent

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Salaried GP, Croydon

Murang'a EUR 45000 / per year Permanent

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Paediatric Surgery, Medical Doctor

Nyandarua EUR 109000 / per year Permanent

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Paediatric Pathology, Medical Doctor

Kajiado USD 25 / per hour Temporary/Locum

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Intensive Care Medicine, Medical Doctor

Murang'a USD 165000 / per year Permanent

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Genetician with FREE language course

Nandi EUR 124000 / per year Permanent

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Registered Nurse

Taita Taveta USD 155000 / per year Permanent

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Medical / Surgical Dermatologist

Meru EUR 155000 / per year Permanent

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